Our Story

As all has a story, we have our own too, Sara United Advertising has long history of sharing success and creativity, the agency which has been born in 1999 as a creative digital advertising agency dedicated to creating, planning, and handling advertising campaigns, has proved all over the years the special innovative stamp it possess. Throughout its history, Sara has been the key factor in many successful stories by adopting state of the art creative advertising insights and technology based solutions.


Years of Success


Projects Completed


Happy Clients


Awards Achieved & ISO 9001 Certified

Our Vision

To be an integrated digital advertising agency that shares creativity and innovation to provide brands with strategic marketing insights, strategic marketing planning and strategic creative solutions.

Our Mission

SARA is about sharing creativity and innovation inspiring digital advertising solutions for our clients while entertaining their customers.

How It Works

Okay, to make it simple think of it like a snow ball, it keeps growing and never stops, and it starts with the "Share", first you share us your dreams, your aspirations or even your problems, then we "Share" these among our creatives, they in turn "Share" their thoughts and ideas, create solutions and innovations which we then "Share" back with you. Then what?! You "Share" what we "Share" with you with your customers. So they "Share" it together, and finally your market "Share" flourish and win.

Bring More to Share

At Sara we are part of the big image, means we share like others, however we have our own recipe for the SHARES we share, it's not about what we share; it's about that mix we create...

Share the Passion

You can feel it in all what we share, we are so passionate about what we do; hence it reaches directly to the heart.

Share the Challenge

This world is full of surprises, it keeps changing every now and then; only those who agree to take the challenge will remain, we accept challenges and so do our clients.

Share the Understanding

Among all what we face every day, we always need those who really understand, those who take the initiative and wave with that magic stick and the dreams come true! Believe it or not, we have one

Share the Care

Details and always the details make the difference, add one here, forget one there and expect more than just a change, we give too much care to details and make sure everything is in place.

Share the Values

Values are determiners, guidelines and beams of the lighthouse we believe all mankind should share and live as per them, let all differences aside and spread the words of consistency and peace.


Behind each and every SHARE we create, stand a team of heroes and champions, ready with their special weapons and unmistakable plans; they are form everywhere but have one thing in common, passion to innovate and desire to conquer.

ISO 9001 Certified Company

Member of Sara Group Holdings

Sara United Advertising is a member of of Sara Group Holdings